Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Review Best VPS Service Provider

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting RDP

Windows VPS Server Hosting RDP is one of best hosting service company. The service offered at very economical price. Furthermore, Cheap Windows VPS hosting is ultimate for running SEO tools, VPNs, Web scrapers, social media marketing tools, Game, Web hosting and automated forex trading. We provide robust windows server hosting solution to our customers. You only not get cheapest windows VPS but reliable service as well. Our motive is to provide reliable service to everyone. We provide multiple data center location. It is very helpful in providing best connection to our customer. Based on the location our data center provide you advantage for hosting websites and applications on our windows VPS. Furthermore, you can locate the map on our website and select accordingly the location that most suite to you. We provide cheapest windows VPS service at affordable price.

Cheap Windows Server RDP

Cheap Windows VPS Server plans are made efficiently to provide dedicated resources including RAM, Bandwidth, Network port and CPU. We provide unlimited bandwidth for your website and applications. The price is reasonable for windows VPS. Furthermore, we offer additional resources on request. You able to buy additional Memory, Space, CPU and IP for cheap windows VPS. We provide customize windows server hosting to our customers to meet their needs.  Furthermore, we provide full admin access. The feature enable to install any tool on our server. There is no need to wait for admin to install apps on your server. You have complete rights to install apps instantly on our server.

Windows VPS Hosting RDP

Windows VPS Hosting RDP

Features of Our Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Cheap Windows VPS hosting provide various advantages over traditional web hosting. Here some of main features are listed.

Blazing Fast Network Port: Our windows VPS plans provide you dedicated blazing fast 1 Gbps Network link. The connection provide you fastest speed to run applications on more threads. So, you are free to use applications that need more internet speed.

Ultra-Fast SSD Storage: SSD powered Storage provide fail proof storage. Furthermore, our SSD storage Utilized RAID 50 technology. It helps to identify any problem in disk and ultimately your VPS change to other Array of RAID storage.

Uptime Guarantee: We provide 99.99% uptime guarantee on our windows Server. We monitor Node performance 24 hour per day. So, there is no chance for down time of server.

Unlimited Bandwidth: It is very important feature. If you using windows VPS for boots like auto trading and seo tools. You need unlimited bandwidth.  Therefore, we provide unlimited bandwidth VPS.

Full administrative Rights: For providing more control on server, we offer full admin rights VPS. So, that you able to install desired tools on windows VPS. Furthermore, you have full rights and control to re-boot server.

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at Affordable prices

100% Uptime Gaurantee

STARTER [email protected] 3,5 GHz 1 GB 3.5 GHz 30 GB WIN2008 11.95$/m US/EU Start My VPS
JUNIOR 2 @ 3,5 GHz 2 GB 7.0 GHz 40 GB WIN2008 23.98$/m US/EU Start My VPS
Business 4 @ 3,5 GHz 4 GB 14 GHz 60 GB WIN2008 39.98$/m US/EU Start My VPS
BUSINESS 4 @ 3,5 GHz 8 GB 14 GHz 80 GB WIN2008 59.90$/m US/EU Start My VPS
24 hours no question money back gaurantee
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