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best dedicated server hosting

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Windows Server Provide flexibility to your business. Offers you resources that helps you to build a high availability and high performance website. Furthermore, lunching a website is not a simple task. You need to care about many things, like search engine optimization, Commerce platforms, security and others factors. Best windows dedicated server hosting is needed to successful lunch and maintaining online presence of your website. For website owners it is very necessary to have a hosting that can handle lot of traffic without any interrupt. Also, you should able to install your own script as well. Therefore, dedicated server hosting is good choice and best solution for problems you are facing. Sure you need to pay more when you are going to select dedicated hosting for your website. But it provide you many extra features. These features are very helpful for generating more sales.Check another article on windows vps.

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Best Dedicated Server Cheapest Services

Dedicated Server Cheapest is perfect solution at reasonable price. The hosting service offer you 100% performance. All the resources like RAM, HDD and CPU is available to utilize according to your needs. We are best dedicated server provider all over the world. We proud to offer such a great service to our customer. Our servers allow to enhance your security to next level. With our special configuration method we will meet to your business needs. Furthermore, we have an intelligent system for server maintenance, Security, OS Updates and our focus is no up time of network. Therefore, we offer 99.99% uptime service.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Features

Best Dedicated Server Hosting provide SDD space and it is 20 times faster as compared to the space offered in current market. Furthermore, our system use Sun Microsystems server hardware. The feature help to provide highest quality of services.

  • Full root access
  • Best for resource
  • Highly customizable
  • Dedicated Root Server
  • Maximum security
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Monitoring Services Basic included
  • Dual GigE Network Card
  • Tools are allowed
  • Can run SEO tools

Dedicated Windows Server Hosting

So, dedicated servers are best option as they provide much more power as compared to shared hosting. Furthermore, shared hosting service almost host 1000 to 2000 websites on a single IP.  The main benefit of dedicate hosting, you able to run it from your home or office.

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Business 4 @ 3,5 GHz 4 GB 14 GHz 60 GB WIN2008 39.98$/m US/EU Start My VPS
BUSINESS 4 @ 3,5 GHz 8 GB 14 GHz 80 GB WIN2008 59.90$/m US/EU Start My VPS
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